5 Accountant Approved Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Get expert advice from accountants on how to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Discover the top 5 tips to help you budget, save money, and make smart financial decisions during these shopping events.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the most significant annual shopping extravaganzas, boasting billions in potential sales, bring enormous opportunities. However, the staggering surge in website traffic and order volumes during these holidays can leave many business owners still struggling to come up with a solid strategy.  

That’s where your secret weapons come in – your accountants and bookkeepers. They leverage sales data, assess operational processes, and chart out inventory requirements, assisting e-commerce businesses in managing the impending wave of holiday shopping efficiently. 

That being said, here are 5 accountant approved tips to help prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

  1. Plan Ahead

When preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s essential to plan ahead. To do this effectively, you should start by examining the latest industry trends and your own historical financial statements. Comparing data from this year to previous years in October and November can be incredibly insightful. It helps you anticipate things like how much inventory to stock, what price points to set, and how many employees to schedule. This historical analysis serves as a crystal ball for your sales strategy. 

Additionally, consulting with your accountants and bookkeepers is a smart move. These financial experts have a unique ability to decipher the data in your financial statements. So, when should you consult them? If this is your first time managing Black Friday accounting, or if you’re anticipating a significant increase in sales and aren’t sure where to begin, it’s time to seek their advice. They can help you determine optimal inventory levels, the need for extra staff, and the best promotional strategies. Essentially, they’ll guide you in making well-informed decisions that lead to success in these retail giants. 

  1. Stay Organised

Staying organised is the key to surviving the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping madness. One way to do this is by reviewing and optimising your operational processes before the shopping frenzy hits. If you’re unsure about where and how to optimise, your accountants can be your go-to resource. They can analyse your data to identify areas that could run more efficiently and even suggest software solutions to help you manage everything seamlessly. 

For instance, integrating your e-commerce or point-of-sale (POS) system with your accounting software is a smart move. This integration not only streamlines your operations but also provides you with quick access to relevant data for making informed decisions on the fly. 

  1. Get Your Team Ready

Managing your team effectively is crucial, especially during the holidays when payroll can become a significant expense. While it might be tempting to hire a bunch of new employees and have everyone work on Black Friday, this approach can backfire if you overstaff. Instead, look at your payroll data from previous years and use this data to make data-driven predictions about the number of additional staff you might need. 

It’s not just about the quantity of employees; it’s also about having an organised and well-prepared team. Assign tasks and manage time efficiently and keep track of what each team member is working on. This level of organisation can significantly boost efficiency. Additionally, be supportive of your employees during this stressful time. Remember that they, too, are under pressure. 

  1. The Power of Integration

Automation can be a game-changer for your team during the holiday weekend. You should let accounting integrations do the heavy lifting for you. These integrations connect your e-commerce or POS system to your accounting software, providing you with up-to-date reports and data in no time. 

Having all your information in one place ensures accuracy and eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entry. Integrations save time and provide a robust tool to manage the influx of orders during the Black Friday rush. 

By implementing these integrations, you’re streamlining your operations, reducing errors, and ensuring that all data is synchronised efficiently. This kind of automation can help you maintain control and make better-informed decisions on a day as critical as Black Friday. 

  1. Get Ready for the Most Profitable Days

The lead-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a high-stakes game. From determining the best opening hours and staffing plans to selecting the most profitable deals for your business, your accountants are your secret weapon. They can help you make data-driven decisions that boost your chances of success. 

But here’s the catch: results aren’t achieved overnight. You need to start preparing early, optimise your processes, and get your team ready for one of the busiest and most profitable days of the year. 

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